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What is Shipyard?

Shipyard is a creative space where we explore for the sake of exploring. This is where we dive into new ideas, technologies, and solutions.


Mathy Pig

Mathy Pig is a side scrolling iPhone arcade game. Pilot a balloon carrying a pig and hit the right answers to get a high score. Because math is fun when pigs fly!

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ballee is an iPhone arcade game where you draw platforms with your fingers to bounce the ball to destroy rings and earn a high score!

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Polygone is our take on the classic space shooter. In this arcade iPhone game, you pilot a spaceship using the motion sensor on your iPhone and score points by shooting asteroids. For extra protection, you can pick up shields along the way.

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Pixels is an iPhone drawing app where you draw using different shapes and colors, then share your masterpiece with others!

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arc is a motion-based iPhone arcade game where you tilt your phone to aim and tap to shoot. Score points by hitting the orbiting planet and avoiding the black hole in the center. Watch out for the gravitational fields!

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pepper fight

pepper fight is a mini turn-based NFT browser game, where you have to team up with your friends to fight Pepper, the mean red dinosaur!

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Colorsay is an iPhone arcade game based on the Stroop effect with bright and colorful visuals. It uses real-time speech recognition to recognize your answer of the fill color of the displayed color name. Race against the clock to earn a high score!

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StarBoard & Landy Rocket

In the summer of 2020, we had an idea for a custom motion controller and video game. With the help of a group of engineering students from the University of Calgary, StarBoard, a custom motion controller, and Landy Rocket, a companion game, were brought to life! Click below to learn more about this project.

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